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QueerGirl Exclusive Interview: KinkyLoops

QueerGirl sat down with KinkyLoops and chatted about everything from spending hours in Guitar Center learning how to DJ, to being compared to Carmen from the L Word. Check out her exclusive interview below, and make sure you get tickets to her upcoming show on August 27th at Uptown Tavern in San Diego!

QueerGirl: When did you start getting into DJing, and what led you to it?

KinkyLoops: I would go to Guitar Center and spend hours in the Pro Audio section asking questions to the guys who worked there who eventually let me start experimenting with the equipment (and bring my own music to play around with) I knew that this was a "hobby" I wanted to pursue at home, being a starving college student I started putting my paychecks aside to eventually buy my setup piece by piece while still practicing at the Guitar Center. I just loved the music and the thrill I felt from when I watched a DJ play, I was so curious how someone was able to work a crowd and musically hold me in the palm of their hand. I've never had any official training but thanks to the patience of the Guitar Centers employees I'm self taught along with countless hours of YouTube videos and DJ blogs all of which helped me along the way, but practice, practice, practice. On the upside, I like to think those experiences helped me develop my own unique style which has become "KinkyLoops"

QG: What is your style of DJing?

KL: I love all different genres of music and cater to so many different audiences young and old, straight and gay. So I love the flexibility to switch things up often. I never play the same set twice. You can find me at a downtown club, a gym, a festival, a gay club, a lesbian club, yoga studio, an industrial club, I'm all across the board. I love how music connects us and how it moves people. I'll go anywhere the music takes me.

QG: Who are some of your favorite queer-female DJs?

KL: I'm taking it old school with DJ IRENE, I actually got to meet her back in my raver days. She's incredibly talented and equally humble.

QG: Over the years, has there been anyone who has influenced your style?

KL: Yes, I always go back to Donald Glaude, this answer has never changed, his energy is through the roof, he genuinely seems to have fun and this shows when he is playing his sets. He always makes time for his fans and is always smiling.

QG: Where are some of your residencies at?

KL: Every week you can catch me at OrangeTheory Fitness they have 9 locations in San Diego that I travel to DJ their fitness classes. Each Wednesday I spin throwback music videos at Rich's San Diego, and every Friday for the last 5 years I play open format at Gossip Grill. Check my social media to see events in between!

QG: What has been you top 3 favorite events you have DJ’d? Why?

KL: This is hard but, Phoenix Pride was amazing. The people attending pride as well as the performers were all so inviting it seemed like Phoenix Pride literally was one big family reunion and the music brought everyone together. Also a must go to Pride if you haven't been. My home base where I've been the resident DJ for 5 years, Gossip Grill because I'm proud to be part of a thriving lesbian bar which is only one of a small handful of lesbian bars left in the U.S. and All the pool parties (no brainer because WE LIVE IN BEAUTIFUL SAN DIEGO)

QG: Where do you see the queer-female DJ scene heading?

KL: I see it being genderless, I work in many communities gay, lesbian, straight. I see it coming down to just being a, hard working, talented, dependable, DJ.

QG: What is something you love about the queer-female nightlife scene? What is something you hate about it?

KL: The camaraderie amongst the women is what I love, but I would love to see women life each other up more.

QG: What are the main differences between crowds in the queer-female scene and queer-male scene?

KL: As a DJ the queer females tend to like more hip hip across the board, and with the gay males they are more open to new music and new genres.

QG: Do you get compared to Carmen from the L Word at all?

KL: I used to, because I'm Mexican had long brown hair and had started DJing when that show was pretty popular. Then I cut my hair and dyed it all sorts of crazy colors so really not any more.

QG: If you had to choose one song to play to get people hyped, what would it be?

KL: It's always fun to loop a Lil Jon acapella over a popular song, get the crowd hyped and then drop the beat usually with a rolling effect to whichever song i'm bringing in. I can't give a specific song, I loop multiple sounds to turn up a crowd.

QG: Do you have any pre-set rituals?

KL: Whenever I enter a venue I am about to play I scan the place and get a feel for the type of crowd as I am getting set up for sound checks, lighting ect. It gives me an opportunity to see where I am going to start and from there it can go in any direction!

QG: What’s next for you!?

KL: Travel, I am planning a small tour on the West Coast, Portland, Seattle. Stay tuned :)

Make sure to follow KinkyLoops on Instagram and check out her website!


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