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QueerGirl Exclusive Interview: Gogo Bianca Maitia

QueerGirl got the opportunity to catch up with Gogo dancer, Bianca Maitia of San Diego. We got some juicy details into what the life of a gogo dancer is like, including a crazy experience and what it's like performing in front of 400,000 people. Read the full interview below and make sure you get tickets to her upcoming show on August 27th at Uptown Tavern in San Diego!

QueerGirl: How long have you been a Gogo dancer for? What was your first gig?

Bianca: I have been a Gogo dancer since I was 18 years old (8 years). My first gig was held in Bakersfield, California at a tiny bar equipped with a fold up table, in front of about 30 people. I was not even old enough to be inside the bar.

QG: What got you into Gogo dancing?

B: Honestly, I got so tired of spending all of my money on event tickets. Always driving from Bakersfield made it a pricey mission already, plus all of the other accommodations needed for travel. Once I noticed the dancers on each stage, I challenged myself to do my research and audition for those teams. It was not an easy road, but I was ready to get paid to go to raves, rather than having to spend all of my money at them.

QG: Did you teach yourself? Or was there someone who taught you everything?

B: I definitely spent a good amount of time on the computer and used my previous dance class skills: hip-hop, cheerleading, ballet, and other dance styles. A lot of the ladies affiliated in the scene during 2009-2012 were not as supportive to helping out fellow, not as experienced Gogos; however, I did have a lot of inspiration and assistance in between. A huge support of my career was Insomniac Events and being casted onto Mischief Mulisha (Loni Hutchinson’s team). Insomniac Events provided the best show business experiences for me to grow and learn as a performer. Loni Hutchinson also provided me with my first legit nightclub gig at Playhouse Nightclub on Monday Social. What a dream come true: to dance at a nightclub on aMonday.

QG: What is your favorite type of music to dance to?

B: I adore dancing to EDM, house and mostly bass (trap, dubstep, moombahton), as well as hip-hop. I enjoy shaking what my mother gave me!

QG: Do you have a favorite DJ to dance for onstage?

B: It is extremely hard to narrow down a favorite DJ to dance for on stage for all of the years I have been performing, but if I had to name one… I would have to pick Flux Pavilion. Constant bass, good vibes, and the audience is always into it.

QG: What has been the largest crowd you have danced in front of? Were you nervous?

B: The biggest crowd I performed in front of was EDC Las Vegas 2014, with the count over 400,000 for Tiësto at Kinetic Field. I was not nervous until I stepped up onto stage left. I gazed out into the audience… a whole sea of people and a body full of goose bumps.

QG: Top 3 best shows you have danced at?

B: EDC Las Vegas 2014, EDC Mexico 2014, and Lightning In A Bottle 2016.

QG: When you are up there dancing, you must see a lot! What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

B: I was performing at an early set at the first EDC New York for, I believe, Bass Jackers. EDC New York is an early event 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. roughly; therefore, there was a lot of open space on the dance floor. There was this gentleman, possibly in his mid 40’s, who was wearing a suit and holding a brief case. He was just bopping side to side while the music was going, but once a heavy drop hit, he tossed his brief case in the air and papers went flying everywhere and he started dancing like a mad man! I could not help myself but die laughing on stage. Luckily, I was Harley Quinn, so it fit my character quite well.

QG: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you when you were dancing?

B: One of my first out of town gigs in LA, my old Gogo team (The Ultra Vibe Gems) were performing at this underground, dancing for DJ Eddie Izm. We got off the stage and this guy would not leave us alone. He kept grabbing and touching us. So, we took it upon ourselves to fix the situation. We yelled back at him to stop touching us, I pushed him and my girlfriend reached across and decked him right in the face. She broke his sunglasses, his nose, and most likely his heart, haha. There were no security guards around, naturally.

QG: Do you choose your own outfits? Or how does that work?

B: Outfits usually depend on which company someone is working for, or if it is a personal gig. Insomniac Events provides most of the costuming, hair, and makeup needs. At my residency gigs, I have to provide my own outfit, hair, and makeup. There is no extra money given to buy new outfits either. When that opportunity does come about, then it is a blessing. After I started dancing for many years, I invested in multiple plastic hot pink drawers to organize all of my Gogo clothing. Once a Gogo collects enough gear, then it is easier to reuse and save money. There is always the option to get sponsored by a clothing company! The Internet is a beautiful thing to connect people to get more exposure, as well as free gear.

QG: What is the best thing about being a Gogo dancer?

B: I get a special area reserved just for me to direct my feelings through the expression of dance, as well as get paid to drink. That is always a positive too.

QG: What is the worst thing about being a Gogo dancer?

B: There is not much on the negative side of dancing; however, those in the crowd who are rude and either touch us inappropriately, or the ones who intentionally throw off our groove to ask us for our names. No one minds dancing along with the crowd, but it is very hard to concentrate when people want to have conversations while we are dancing. My favorite line to say is, “My name is you just killed my groove. I am working. Thank you.”

QG: What are your current residencies and upcoming shows you will be dancing at?

B: My current residencies are LEZ at Rich’s San Diego on Thursdays (Gogo dance and currently training to bartend), House Nation at Rich’s San Diego on the first Monday of each month, and Onyx Nightclub. My upcoming shows include QueerGirl Launch Party, and Hornblower- Private Event.

Make sure to follow Bianca on Instagram!


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