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Exclusive Interview: AD Diggs

QueerGirl got a chance to speak with AD Diggs from VH1's Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. We covered topics from how she met her girlfriend, Moniece Slaughter, to her thoughts on how lesbian relationships are misrepresented in the media. Checkout her exclusive interview below and make sure to get tickets to the October 15th QueerGirl Party hosted by Whitney Mixter, where AD will be a special guest!

QueerGirl: Tell us a little about yourself and your role on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood.

AD: Well I started dating a member of the cast, Moniece, who plays a role sharing her relationship experiences. I’m in the relationship with her, so inevitably, the show was going to see the dynamics of our relationship as a lesbian couple. I use the show as a platform to be a role model for Lesbians.

QG: How did you and your girlfriend, Moniece meet?

AD: A mutual friend introduced us in bottle service one night at a popular lesbian club in Los Angeles. Since that day forward we’ve been together. It was sort of cliché’ with how we went from there. Met at the club, spent the night together, Moniece made me her girlfriend, moved some of my stuff into her place, and now we have been together for over a year.

QG: Do you believe same-sex relationships are represented enough in the media/tv/movies? Why or Why not?

AD: The volume is there, I don’t believe same-sex relationships are being properly represented though. Depending on the network, you often see common stereotypes portrayed, which I feel, begins the misrepresentation because people are being influenced by what is being broadcast. Which, is not always truth for the entire LBGT community.

QG: In 2016 you started a streetwear apparel line call DiggTheKicks. What kind of street wear does DTK make?

AD: DTK consist of street wear such as Sweatshirts, Pants, Leggings, Outerwear, and Shirts.

QG: What was your inspiration behind DiggTheKicks?

AD: DiggTheKicks was inspired by my love for sneakers actually. I am probably one of the most passionate sneaker heads of this generation, so I decided to add style to a comfortable brand of clothing, while rocking my favorite kicks. Diggs is my last name, and my kicks were the highlight of my style. So, I came up with DiggTheKicks brand name and decided to add a fashionable attire that represented the relaxed style sneakerheads like to sport. Imagine wearing your favorite pair of Pumas, Addidas, or Jordan’s, while sporting a pair of comfortable, stylish sweats that says, “DiggTheKicks,” People will focus on the words on your pant leg first, then immediately direct their attention to your kicks!

QG:Generally, who is your target market for DiggTheKicks?

AD: Sneakerheads definitely, but anyone who enjoys wearing comfortable clothing with an added flare of dopeness.

QG: Will you be incorporating DiggTheKicks into the current season of LHHH?

AD: Yes, on Episode 9 you will actually see one of the cast member, Tierra Marie, wearing the attire. Episode 10, members from the cast did a photoshoot for the DTK clothing line. And of course, you will see me rocking my streetwear it in some fresh kicks.

QG: Where can someone purchase something from DiggTheKicks?

AD: Online purchasing will be available soon, at

QG: What is next for DiggTheKicks?

AD: There will be a limited amount of items released at a time through the website and host a few Pop-Up shops. I’m also designing hats with various array of colors. I would also like to do a dope sneaker collaboration


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